Requirement Gathering Guidelines for Digital Marketing Strategy

Requirement Gathering Guidelines for Digital Marketing Strategy


  • Website
    • Platform
    • History / Revisions
    • Previous Digital Marketing Work
    • Performance
    • Functions
  • Digital Advertising
    • AdWords
    • Display
    • Premium / Affiliate
    • Social Advertising
  • Social Media
    • Assets / Ecosystem
    • Control / Governance
    • Functions
  • Measurement
    • What is currently measured / what platform?
    • Who manages measurement

Competitor Analysis

  • Actual & potential
  • Direct & Indirect
  • Positioning
  • Market Share
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Any competitive advantage

Customer Analysis

  • Demographics
  • Advertising that is most suitable for the demographic
  • Market size and potential growth
  • Customer wants and needs
  • Motivation to buy the product
  • Distribution channels (online, retail, wholesale, etc…)
  • Quantity and frequency of purchase
  • Income level of customer

Governance / Control

  • Main decision maker
  • Main marketing contact
  • Main web contact
  • Third parties / agency partners
  • Internal capabilities


  • What is the overall strategic objective (e.g more leads from website, more engagement on social media etc.)
  • What is the primary goal (e.g. users completing call back form, user signup)
  • What are the goal dependent KPI’s (e.g. more traffic to website, more users on facebook, increase in average time on site, lower bounce rate, increase in form conversion rate)

Budget & Resources

  • Current digital marketing budget
  • Planned investment in digital marketing
  • Any extra budget want included in the current campaign
  • Current digital team / players involved


  • Outline and agree headline plan based on insights
  • Follow up with email outlining your planned next steps and get signoff

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