How to Use Guest Posting Effectively to Increase Your Traffic

It seems like everyone is blogging these days especially guest posting. But blogging and blogging successfully are two very different things. Blogs are taking up nearly 25 percent of the internet these days. I notice the increase in blogs every day. In fact, it is one of my guilty pleasures whenever I have some spare time on my hands. You will find me using my Optimum internet packages to read and analyze blogs rather than watching TV shows.

Blogging, done right with SEO, can be the best tool for a marketer. But done incorrectly and it can be a waste of resources.

What is the Most Common Blogging Mistake?

The most common mistake that marketers make is to publish their blogs on their own website. What they should be doing is using their blogging creativity more efficiently. Think about it. What is the basic purpose of your blog post? To link to your website and make it more popular. Correct?

If that is the main purpose of your blog, then where is it going to be visible the most? On a website that is trying to get a higher ranking? Or on a website that already enjoys a higher ranking? If you believe the latter is better than the former, then you can see the benefits of guest posting.

Guest posting allows you to post your blogs on third-party websites. Using that you can boost the rankings of your own website. By using keywords you can essentially piggy-back off the popularity of the host website. That can do wonders for your rankings.

What are the advantages of Guest Posting?

A successful website already has an audience who is interested in the content. Guest posting on a popular website means that you don’t have to waste time finding an audience. The host website will already have an audience ready to read your blog. So you save time as well as money by guest posting your content.

Additionally, you can use the host website’s authoritative status to boost your own. Of course, the only way to establish credibility is by providing valuable content. As long as your content is good, you can enjoy higher credulity rating. Which in turn increases your website’s credibility.

One of the major advantages of guest posting is backlinks. Guest posting earns you backlinks from the host website. That can truly boost your SEO rankings. But there is more to guest blogging if you want to boost traffic and email subscribers for your website.

6 Guest Blogging Tips for Success

  • Use Tools
  • Grow Your Emailing List
  • Provide Valuable Content
  • Do Your Research
  • Learn to Sell Your Post
  • Create Your Network

1. Use Tools

One of the greatest advantages of online marketing are the tools. They are designed to make your content marketing strategies a success. Think about it. If your blog post is great but there isn’t any way for readers to share it on social media. Is it considered a successful post?

Most likely not. Using tools like Sumo, you can integrate share buttons on your post. So if someone likes your content, they can share it with their network. That means more readers for your content.

2. Grow Your Emailing List

Did you know that a big email list can help you get published on more successful websites? There are a few ways that you can grow your mailing list. But the most successful method is to offer something in return. Opt-in bribes can be as simple as a free eBook or access to a video tutorial. Anything that can attract your audience.

3. Provide Valuable Content

While Google’s algorithms are dynamic there is one constant. Valuable content always ranks well. that is Google’s biggest opportunity for marketers. If your content is genuinely valuable then Google will rank it higher. So remember that valuable content will always outplay any SEO strategy.

4. Do Your Research

In order to be successful in guest blogging, you need to do your research. You should know which sites are the best to get published. There can’t be just one or two. You need to find out where your target audience frequents.

5. Learn to Sell Your Post

Whenever you are reaching out to a website as a guest blogger, you need to land your pitch perfectly. Chances are, you won’t get another shot. So do your research on the website and the audience. And create a personalized pitch that can’t fail.

6. Create Your Network

Good content can help you get your foot in the door, but you also need to build a rapport with the website. There is only so much that content can do. So you need to build relationships with your host websites. The better your relationship, the more you can publish on their websites. And of course, get those backlinks.


Guest posting is a highly effective way to boost traffic to your website. But remember that the key to blogging success lies in the content. There was a time when all I needed was my Optimum service to be a successful blogger. But today the competition is much fiercer. And you need a well-researched content strategy. As well as good quality and valuable content.


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