How to Succeed at Mobile Advertising in 2019

Mobile advertising is effective through Chat apps. The emergence of conversational commerce through bot communication enables marketers to have a one to one interaction with users. Snap Chat is gaining ground for brands to heighten its personality among users online.

Each and every one of us use a smartphone. Businesses today aren’t focusing on the popular methods of connecting with people via mobile phone.

Shifting Towards Trends

Messaging platforms are modern effective avenues for marketers to rely on. This host the ideal medium for one to one interactions. Marketers should pay attention to information users put into these channels in order to effectively manage one to one communication.

The Ideal Medium

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Chat apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat are consumer darlings today. Messaging apps have high retaining rates and promote quick one to one communication with users hence marketers should adopt to conversational commerce.

Conversational commerce comprises of Bot communication. A Bot is a process where you open up a conversation with established apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and WeChat etc.Uber has successfully linked itself with Facebook Messenger through Bot communication for users to request Uber ride.

Mobile Advertising Context

The three basic types of Mobile advertising that reach a mobile device are SMS, push notification that are triggered by apps that users have chosen to receive updates and emails. For now, Emails tend be the most popular medium however the tide seems to be shifting towards new found ways within the mobile sphere.

Changing Landscape

First of all marketers need to engage with customers on mobile channels they use the most, presenting information relevant to them at the right time. It’s all about one to one engagement. Which means when the need arises send in the right message. Apps should be effective in order to serve a clear purpose and deliver value to customers.

Clarks Shoes ran an interactive story telling campaign to promote its dessert boot through WhatsApp which included live chat to engage with the young generation. Also Sephora ran a Facebook messenger ad campaign targeting women in the US to make reservations directly by clicking through the chat facility. Seems like these to examples prove how effective mobile marketing is through chat apps.

The Effectiveness of Snapchat

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Snapchat is the foremost visual communication app that have capabilities of sharing photos and video clips. Marketers could capitalize on Snapchat to create brand personality. Snapchat offers snap ads which are 10 seconds in length.

Similarly it has feature called Sponsored lenses which enables uses to alter their image with branded content. Further it provides a feature called sponsored Geo filters which are artistic overlays that users could add to their snaps.

Gatorade additionally encouraged its users through the sponsored lenses to drunk themselves in Gatorade to celebrate the US super bowl.

Gatorade Snapshot.

Finally in order for you to succeed at Mobile advertising, study for a while your target group’s usage of particular messaging platforms and create content that reflect that. This should enable you to succeed at mobile advertising.



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