How to hack your Android device without rooting It

To utilize the full power of your Android phone, you may be tempted to root your device and install custom firmware on your device. This comes with a few downsides, for one, you could permanently turn your very expensive piece of hardware into a paper weight, this is affectionately known as “Bricking your device, as it’s effectively what you are doing, turning your device into a brick. Another possible downside is, if a developer was so inclined, they could code any number of nasties into their code, allowing them to spy on you, or scrape personal data from you device. Also rooting your device violates your terms of service, you can forget about any manufacturer’s warranty being honoured in case something does go wrong, with software or even hardware.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to root your device to get some power customizations. Here are just a few ideas that you can try without risking your privacy or your hardware.

Custom Widgets

Widgets are a great way to utilize some of your favorite apps right from your homescreen, unfortunately not a lot of developers spend much time in developing these for their apps; this is where “Beautiful Widgets comes in. With Beautiful widgets you can set up your homescreen to reflect your personal tastes, allowing for your most used application to be front and center every time you switch on your device. Give it a try, it may just reinvigorate your love of Android.

Game Killer

Game Killer is a hack tool with over 800 games currently in its database. It’s as simple as loading the app, selecting the game and then loading any of the cheats that you are wanting to utilize. You’ll then be able to load the game in question and play using the hacks. The game killer app will need to be downloaded directly from their website as it’s a grey app (not approved by google), however there has been no reports that it’s at all unsafe to use, you’ll also need to ensure that your device is setup to install app from unknown sources, located in your settings > security > unknown sources. Careful using this app with online games, because if you’re caught, it will most likely mean your account being banned.

Edge Display Notifications

The Samsung Galaxy S6 came pre-installed with a cool new way to view your notification. Instead of the standard Google drag down screen for your app and system notifications, you can slide left or right and view these as icons. Even as a non S6 user, you can now have your cake and not have to pay $800 odd dollars for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cake. Get Edge Display now

Remotely control your computer

Google’s remote desktop app allows you to control your desktop/laptop computer from your Google Android device. It’s a lightweight way of controlling your computer remotely. You’ll need to do this in two steps:
1. Download and install the Chrome remote desktop extension in the google chrome store, ensuring you provide it an easy to remember, but hard to guess PIN code upon setup.
2. Download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop App in the Google Playstore, click the computer you just setup in step 1, and then insert the previously selected PIN.
3. Boom, remote desktop on your Android device.

If you did want to root your device however, read our quick guide below.

OneClickRoot – Rooting an Android for the rest of us

One of the barriers keeping a lot of people from embracing the power of their Android device (by rooting it) is that they feel they may make a mistake and brick the phone, losing however many hundreds of dollars worth of hardware. There’s a few options, spend a day reading all the forums, all the Q&As and all the support blogs, then take a chance and just do it with what you’ve managed to learn in those few hours, or you can get a professional to do it. Paying a professional may be going a bit far, but the next best thing has to be OneClickRoot.

Benefits of rooting a device:

1. Instantly gain access to all parts of your device
2. Install applications that are blocked by your carrier
3. Rid your device of ‘bloatware’, preinstalled apps only there because your carrier has an agreement in place with another company
4. Allow custom ROM (operating systems) to be installed, giving you a new look / feel
5. Extend your battery life using applications like Greenify
6. Free access to WiFi teethering
7. Block advertisements in all apps
8. Able to access the most powerful backup tools (like titanium)
9. Take high speed video up to 240fps
10. Connect a playstation controller to your device allowing you a true gaming experience
11. Return permissions to apps to write to your microSD card

Best of all, if something goes wrong, you can install TeamViewer and have a tech support person root your device whilst you watch in awe at the awesomeness of Android!

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