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Download JioCinema – AD Free Movies & TV: Movies are best companions in free time and are one of the best sources of entertainment. Unlike previous times the number of movies being produced in a year is getting increased day by day. Every Friday two or three movies are released, resulting in jam-packed cinema halls every weekend.

Earlier it used to take at least 6 months for a new movie to be telecasted on television but now within a week of release movies are showcased on TV sets. Apart from being showcased on television, there is the number of applications where movies are uploaded and viewers can watch the same anytime they want. One of such apps is Jio Cinema.

What is Jio Cinema?

Jio Cinema is a movie based application, wherein the number of movies is uploaded and subscribers can watch those movies anytime. Jio Cinema is part of Jio Entertainment package, to download and subscribe the same you need to have Jio connection with data pack.

Only Jio subscribers can tune into this application. The prominent movie based application can be downloaded from various sources like play store, vidmate app download install etc. This app is absolutely free to download and use, all you need is a good range if Internet connection.

Library of movies

Jio Cinema is a vast library of movies, it has movies from all the genres and languages. Now if you want to watch any evergreen old movie then you need not look in the market or Internet to find the copy of the same, just subscribe Jio Cinema and watch your favorite movie. From comedy to horror, from family to action movie you will find everything in this one application.

TV and Web series

These days there is a new concept launched in an entertainment industry i.e Web series. And as far as Jio Cinema is concerned, you name it and it has it all. Not only it showcases movies but it also has the library of TV and Web series. You can find almost all web series on this application. Few of TV Series are also available on this app, through which you can watch even previous episodes of your favorite show.

Ad-free movies

Remember how annoying it was when your favorite movie was interrupted with 15 minutes long break. The best part about watching your favorite movie on Jio cinemas is that these movies are totally ad-free. Now you can watch movies without any breaks and disturbances.

Excellent Picture and Sound Quality

The movies that you watch on Jio Cinema have the excellent picture and sound quality. Few of the movies are uploaded in HD prints, making the experience of watching a movie fabulous for its viewers.


Now why wait for a movie to be telecasted on television, download Jio app from 9 apps downloading now and watch your favourite movie. Another benefit of watching a movie on Jio cinema is that if you want to go somewhere in between, your movie will not be missed just pause the movie and resume from where you left.


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