Advertising job is hard work, a type that is prone to common mistakes. Do you know your target audience? You, like many other advertisers, may be quick to answer this with Yes, but at times there are blind spots that attention is not been paid to. When there are blind spots in an advertising strategy, money is wasted. Advertising is one of the surest ways to grow your business. However if done wrong, can be one of the fastest ways to go out of business. Different factors need to be considered when planning an advertising campaign and in which all influences the desired result. When an advertising campaign is developed, it’s easy to make common advertising mistakes if you’re not careful. You are about to discover the most common – and deadly – mistakes in advertising. It’s almost certain that these mistakes exist in virtually all your advertising. Here are some examples of common mistakes;

Focusing Only on the Products and Services

Often times, a lot of advertisers make this mistake of focusing on the product and services. You can actually talk all day about the luxury look and latest features of your product, talk about how you have been in the business for 20 years or how you are the foremost, in truth, nobody cares. What your prospective customers care about is the value your product adds to them, how your product makes life easy and better for them. Your advert should identify a common problem of your prospect and an indication that it solves that problem. You need to speak to your prospect’s needs and wants. Evaluate your product and services and the benefit of each to your customer. Show these benefits in your ad!

Advertising in the Wrong Place

Money spent on advertising is an investment but when you advertise in the wrong place it becomes an expense. If you haven’t done some target audience research, how do you know you are not advertising in the wrong place? So that you won’t end up advertising in the wrong place, you need to get to know your customers as much as possible. Build a profile for your customers, understand what they look like, how they behave, what they enjoy and what motivates them. Are your customers on Twitter? Do you have them spending time on LinkedIn or do they even live around or drive past that specific billboard? Can you reach them on the go via email? You need to become your customer and learn where they spend most of their time. The more you know about them, the more you’ll know where they are likely to be. Then you can know where to reach them.

No Clear Call to Action

You have spent a handful of hours and money on setting up an advertising strategy and its running. If you don’t ask your prospective customers to take the desired action, all that time and money is wasted. They may come to your site, drive by and notice your billboard, they may come across your adverts while browsing the web but they won’t patronize you if you don’t drive them to take action. Your customers have their personal activities that they do which keep them busy and don’t always have time to think about what you want them to do. Your job is to spell it out for them and do so convincingly.

Lack of Tracking/Measuring

You don’t just throw advertising in the local paper, on the radio, on social media or on display websites and hope and pray it works. Do you want to put your money where it will be the most effective when you advertise? Then you must be able to track results and adjust your advertising efforts to be more profitable. Do you know how many sales and how much money you made as a result of each of your advertising campaigns? If you are making more money than you spend on advertising, then you are ahead. Track each ad that so you can be sure of the fact that the customer is doing business with you because of your ad and also to see what’s working well and what you need to improve on based on your ad copies. Then you can invest more money on that and bring in more customers for yourself.

Now that you know the most common advertising mistakes, I hope you can now go and create some great ads and be successful in your business. For additional knowledge, look up the How to Succeed at Mobile Advertising in 2019

Are you making any of the above common advertising mistakes? What are other advertising mistakes people make? Share with me in the comments section.


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