Best Tips For Pinterest Marketing in 2020

Best Tips for Pinterest Marketing

Do you want to know the best organic way to bring lots of traffic to your E-commerce website? Then, please read this article on best tips for Pinterest marketing. If you follow the instructions with consistency, there are ample chances your online business website will see a hike in sales revenue. There are many who think Pinterest platform is only for those who have a foodie or ornament website. As per the digital marketing service experts, Pinterest is a platform, which can be used as an effective marketing tool for any industry.

You can be a young entrepreneur who has set-up an E-Commerce website. However, there are established names in the online market, but you will have to fight tooth and nail to let your business website come on the first page of Google as well make profits. There are various methods to do the job, but in this article, let us look into the tips of organic Pinterest Marketing.

1. Keyword Research

We can see your eyebrows go up, as Pinterest is only an image sharing website. But now, even this platform has algorithms which help the search engines. So, if you are a business owner, you need to add the relevant keywords to your Pinterest profile posts so that they get pulled up during the searches.



Please check youtube videos on the definition of keywords, checking keyword research and using the right phrases for your profile and Pins.

2. Pinterest Profile Name

If you are a business owner who wants your name to be associated with the business, it is a good positive sign.


You can add keywords in tandem with the business as they can give your profile and the website good exposure.

3. Keywords in Pins

If you are posting a product from your website in the form of a Pin, ensure you use keywords which are used by the target audience to purchase the product.

4. Best tips for Pinterest marketing – Board Names

 The platform, Pinterest, has a special algorithm by which you can search for Pins which you have posted or Pinned to your profile. So, you can have boards and save the Pins in them. The best tip in Pinterest marketing is to have board names which correspond with your business. For example, if you have an ECommerce website which deals with children products, you can separate them into various boards such as Children Clothes, Children Toys, Children Food and more. For example, if you have a brick and mortar store in Bangalore with an online website, and your target audience is in Bangalore, you can have Board names such as Children Toys – Bangalore etc.

If you need your online website to get noticed, then ensure you have created at least ten boards for the website products.

When you are doing organic social media marketing via Pinterest, ensure you follow the rules. If you have created a new board with a keyword, ensure you add another good or relevant keyword even in the “section.” This method will give relevant exposure to your website and products.

If a person is looking for a specific child-care product, he/she will type the keyword in the Search Bar. We hope you have got the best ideas on how to make the boards via this article on best tips for Pinterest Marketing.


How to Create a Call-to-Action Pin for your website

Let us take a Case Study example and explain the topic. So, you have an ECommerce website which sells jewels and ornaments. Now, you have the best images in your database. It is the marriage season in India, and you want to advertise bridal rings on your website. So, first you select an image with the proper dimension for Pinterest and save it with the keyword – Best bridal rings in India. Then, you add the title for the image – Best Rings for Marriage in India. In the section, “Tell everyone” you can add content and relevant hashtags such as – Find exquisite wedding rings for your life’s special event at an affordable price. The hashtags will be like – #marriagerings, #bridalrings, #weddingrings, #specialevent, #marriage, #weddingornament and more. Hope you have got the idea we want to convey regarding this topic.

How to Create a Call-to-Action Pin for your website

If a person has come to your Pinterest account, let the content in the “Tell Everyone” section contain the “Call-to-Action” words which will enable him/her to visit the website to purchase the product. If not a purchase, then at least make them become an email subscriber to your website.

Social Media – Best Tips in Pinterest Marketing

If you are using the Pinterest account for your marketing purposes, ensure you stay right on track. Do not Pin images from your friends or other accounts. Let the Pins be only related to your business. The reason is, you will definitely integrate the Pinterest icon in your website. So, if your customer comes to your website, buys a product, and wants to check your Pinterest account, let him/her see only the images which are relevant to your business. Chances are, they may like a product, and will visit the website again to make a purchase.

Let us take an example. You are on a Pinterest page of an ECommerce website related to selling of bikes. Now, the business Pinterest account not only has bike images but also other irrelevant images such as home plants and drawings. How will you feel at that moment? The Pinterest account is unprofessional. There are very less chances of you visiting the website again. Kindly have a thought.

Profile Photo

You can attract followers by the dozen, if you do the marketing properly on this platform. So, let the profile photo contain the best dressed image of yourself, with one of your popular products in your hand. In short, the profile image is a representation of your online business.


Profile images of businesses without a human face tend to generate less trust in the visitors. Your target audience are humans, and they always want to associate with other people, instead of a faceless profile account. Let the profile image you post, have a high resolution.

Website Color and Fonts

It is well-understood that the images in your website should be in proper coordination with your business. Then, it will make an impact on the audience. If the website color and image colors do not match, then chances are you will lose visitors via your Pinterest account.



The reason, customers will not be able to make a connection between your social media account & website.

One Separate Board for your Website Blog

You can have different images of the products on various boards, but ensure you create a board which will have only blogs written exclusively for your website. Let us imagine, you have an ECommerce website by name AbidAliHouseholdproducts, you can name the board such as or Abidblog.

Images in Board

You need to have at least thirty pins in a single board. Let every image be of high resolution. If your E-Commerce website has thirty categories, let every board contain thirty images for every product from each category.

Best tips for Pinterest marketing – Influencer Marketing


As a business owner, you need to know the top Pinterest influencers in your industry. You can follow them or follow their followers. This method will generate trust among the target audience.

Be Active

You need to post every day on Pinterest to let your target customers know you are active. Yes, it is important to note, every post should be new and correspond with your website. Please ensure to keep account of hashtags which works wonders for the business. Then, you will be able to get the required number of visitors.

Responsive Website

You have done the best in Pinterest marketing, and the visitors to your social media account are making a beeline to the website.

On your part, please ensure the website is mobile responsive. Millions of purchases happen online via mobile. So, it is mandatory to have an Ecommerce website which is mobile responsive and has the relevant features such as secure payment gateway and more.


Have you read the article? Please note, we have not focused on the paid aspect of Pinterest marketing. We have only given the top points needed to do organic marketing via this platform. Let us imagine, you have worked as a software engineer for two decades in the US, made money and came back to Bangalore to start a new business in food products. You have an Ecommerce website and got interested in Pinterest marketing. But instead of hiring an individual, you can take the assistance of a reputed digital marketing company in Bangalore to do the job. They will first look at your products, take the best images, prepare a fool-proof plan and ensure to implement a marketing strategy (organic – as mentioned in this article or paid) which can make your business become successful.

Did you find the article interesting? Yes, there is also another way to do Pinterest marketing, and that is to make use of a business account. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get the recent updates regarding social media. Have a good day!

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