Benefit of Podcasts in Digital Marketing

Do you remember the 1960 and 1970s? In those days, radio was the only means to get authentic news from the globe. Hundreds of people tuned to the radio frequency to catch news, hear songs and more only from the sound. Now, history got repeated once again. Instead of radio, it is the podcast which is making waves in various business sectors. With proper sound frequency, you can make the listener connect with you on an emotional level. Marketing strategists have implemented podcasts in their digital marketing strategy with great success. This article gives you information on the benefit of podcasts in Digital Marketing.


How can Podcasts help your Business?

There is one factor you have to notice in every popular company’s marketing strategy. They are present in every popular digital area frequented by their target audience. For example, an E-Commerce business is related to selling T-shirts for college-going teenagers. The business has its presence on Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. At present, many companies are involved in making podcasts for their targeted audience. The result – your business also has to have its present felt in this medium. Also, gone were the days when you have to run a business with staff and physical infrastructure. Now, all you need is an optimized website,  excellent business idea and awesome product/service to entice the customers. You do not have to even depend on traditional marketing channels for advertisements. You can find businesses with one or two persons running the entire show and making millions. These types of businesses introduce new ways to reach the target audience. At present, podcasts are one of them.


How do you define a Podcast?

Devoid of jargons, you can describe it as a pre-recorded series of speeches. The content focuses on recent technologies, start-ups, health and other topics. You can download the podcasts on your personal devices to listen at your convenience. The advantage of a podcast is, you can continue doing the normal daily activity while listening. If you are a subscriber, you will get an alert when new content is available. So, there is no need to spend on advertisement.

Equipment needed for Podcast – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Personal Computer and yes, a good internet connection.


Challenges Online Businesses Face

Also, if you are a start-up, you need to reach your target audience more than once to create an impact. Yes, your business idea may be awesome. But, how do you reach the audience to let them know about your business? You need to follow the normal dictates followed by your competitors. Have these businesses gained a huge chunk of the target audience through podcast marketing? Then you also need to follow the same route. After the pandemic, business selling has become tough. You have to resort to various marketing strategies to reach the target audience. These days, even search engines do have their search algorithms. So, there are multiple chances your business gets buried in the third page of Google or Bing. Also, portions of the audience do not use the internet for searching and still, depend on traditional methods.


What are the Famous Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2021?

Let us start with the best streaming platforms in 2021:

  • Buzzsprout
  • Captivate
  • Transistor
  • Castos
  • Podbean
  • Simplecast
  • Resonate
  • bCast
  • Spreaker
  • Blubrry
  • Fusebox
  • Audioboom


What is the Benefit of Podcasts in Digital Marketing?

Kindly have a look at the statistics. In 2016, the podcast had become $190 billion strong marketing medium.


1. You can engage Easily with the Target Audience

A video may make the viewer lose their concentration within a few minutes if the content is not sharp. Podcasts can make the viewer remain focused. If the viewer loses interest, then he can stop the podcast, and listen to it at his convenience. Also, a viewer selects a podcast only after much thought. In podcast marketing, unlike traditional methods, the target audience reaches your online channels. They need to download the new podcast to their favourite device. This factor, you can count as the first benefit of podcasts in digital marketing.


Engage easily with the Target Audience


2. Easy Making

It is easy to prepare podcasts. You can make it from studios with their assistance. Or you can invest in equipment and then prepare in your home. Some prefer doing podcasts from the streets.


3. Use Podcast to Drive Traffic to your Business Website

You can make podcasts in a brilliant manner to drive audience traffic. Ensure your every podcast comes with a transcript. Optimize this content by using SEO best practices. Do not forget to write original content and add keywords in descriptions and titles. The same links, you can add to your business website to drive traffic. Do not forget to write similar content on various free blogs to give backlinks to the transcript. This point, you can consider as the best benefit of podcasts in digital marketing.


Podcasts Drive Traffic to your Business Website


4. Podcasts Drive Sales

As per a sales survey, 63 percent of 100 listeners buy a product based on the host’s popularity & credentials.


5. Podcasts reach the Target Audience by various means

By selecting a proper host, you can share the knowledge on different platforms such as Google Play, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more. You can develop a new target audience or loyal community with this method. Another important benefit of podcasts in digital marketing.


How to Make Your Podcasts Popular

You need to know your target audience to develop the content. First, you need to check on your competitors to determine the trending topics. Please note, like videos, you need to check on the duration. A simple topic and fluff can make the listener get disinterested. You need to check various formats, music tunes and duration to design the perfect podcast.


How to Make Your Podcasts Popular


Tips to Design the Perfect Podcast for Digital Marketing and Other Needs

  1. You need to introduce consistent content for the target audience. Irregular content can make the audience forget your brand.
  2. Is your business related to home products? Then the podcast reflects on the problem-solving capabilities of your product in a normal home. Also, the titles should not look repetitive.
  3. During the voice-over, link the content to your social media platforms, blogs and other digital media to increase the participation of the target audience.
  4. Do you want the target audience to reach you? Then provide an email address at the end of the session. You can resolve customer queries, and also get to frame new topics in relation to the target audience’s needs.
  5. Search with patience for experts and specialists related to your business. Interview them and change the content to an attractive podcast. This method will enhance your brand reputation with the customers. It also gets considered as a core benefit of podcasts in digital marketing.
  6. You can also try case studies with comedy. For example, you can write a comedy script about a live experience of a customer with your product. By this method, you make the listener get connected to your brand.
  7. Do you have doubts about the benefits of podcasts in digital marketing? Then have a look at the mentioned popular podcasts in the globe and India.


Tips to Design the Perfect Podcast for Digital Marketing



Hope you have gained valuable information on this blog of the benefit of podcasts in Digital marketing. If you are a local business owner, you can make use of podcasts to reach your target audience. However, please note, you need to take control of the tone, gain technical knowledge and then do the podcasts.

Please note, a podcast is a representation of your company’s products and services. Ensure you design the best voice-over and make it a perfect shot.

All the best!


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